Dougherty Receives NAIFA-Greater Washington Legacy Award

NAIFA President Paul Dougherty and his wife Elizabeth.

NAIFA-National President Paul Dougherty was honored yesterday by NAIFA-Greater Washington and the Greater Washington Foundation of Insurance and Financial Advisors as the 2017 Legacy Award recipient.

The Legacy Award was created in 2009 to combine the traditions and prestige of the 63-year Bernard L. Wilner and the 41-year Harry L. Myers -Victor E. Brandrup awards to recognize an individual for outstanding service and dedication to NAIFA-Greater Washington over an extended period of time, and in conformance with the highest standards of professional conduct and unselfish community service.

“I love being in this industry,” Dougherty said in his acceptance remarks. “When I get around the country and I talk to groups I remind them that we may make a decent living and offer these products and services for our clients, but it’s that promise that we made often in the form of a couple sheets of paper that has a promise fulfilled on the back that defines whether or not a family has the opportunity to stay in their house, or a kid has the opportunity to stay in school or a business has a chance to keep running. We make promises and commitments every single day. What an amazing job here, because we can make a difference in the lives of our clients and ultimately in the communities we serve.”

Dougherty received the 8th annual award at the Legacy Luncheon, held at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md.

“I’m honored to be a part of the Greater Washington family,” he told the luncheon attendees.