NAIFA Introduces New ‘Take 3’ Video Series

NAIFA is always looking for new ways to communicate as effectively as possible with you, our members. In that spirit, I am proud to introduce our new NAIFA Take 3 – a video series brought to you by NAIFA and for NAIFA members that will aim to do three things:

One: Inform you of important news and events shaping our industry
Two: Explain how they impact your business
And Three: Connect you with NAIFA resources and contacts so you can learn more, and take further action

Each segment will be just a few minutes, and we will close every one with three takeaways that you can use. The initial NAIFA Take 3 provides insight into the Department of Labor’s decision to delay the applicability date of its fiduciary rule.

Watch the current NAIFA Take 3!

Among the takeaways from this video, we emphasize the advocacy value of NAIFA’s Congressional Conference, and urge all NAIFA members to register today!

We also explain how you can help NAIFA contribute to the DOL review of the rule by taking a NAIFA survey and providing data and advice the administration needs to assess the impact of the rule.

I hope you enjoy this first NAIFA Take 3, and look for additional installments in the near future.