NAIFA Wishes You a Happy Fourth of July!

Dear fellow NAIFA member,

Happy Fourth of July from your national Board of Trustees and the entire staff at NAIFA. We appreciate your membership, as we appreciate the job you are doing to empower Americans from all walks of life to confront and overcome life’s many risks and financial uncertainties.

The Fourth of July is the quintessential all-American holiday. It is, to many of us, a chance to relax on a beach, go to a baseball game, have a neighborhood barbecue, or take in a fireworks display. Whatever your pursuit, I hope you have a fun, fulfilling day.

The strength of NAIFA as an association is that our members are threads of the American fabric, interwoven into communities throughout our country. You represent the interests of friends and neighbors in hometowns from Wisconsin to Texas and from Maine to Hawaii. While NAIFA carries great clout in our nation’s capital and is proud of our many politically involved members, you are not D.C. insiders. Our strength is that you are Main Street, not Capitol Hill and not Wall Street. You are as all-American as the Fourth of July itself.

And like the holiday, you represent independence. You provide your clients with financial advice and tools so they need not rely on uncertain government programs or burden their families in the event of financial setbacks. In many cases, you ensure that those setbacks never occur. Advisors offer clients the independence to establish and pursue their dreams – to educate and care for their children, provide themselves with adequate health and long-term care protection, retire comfortably, and pass along a measure of financial security to the next generation.

While you look after the interests of your clients, NAIFA is looking after your interests. We ensure that overly burdensome regulations do not create barriers between consumers and the vital advice, services, and products you give them. We ensure that the tax law continues to encourage Americans to provide for their own financial futures. And we ensure that you have the professional training, support, and recognition you need to succeed in your business, which is so critically important to the financial health of your clients and also of our nation as a whole.

I hope you are able to take a day off to enjoy tomorrow’s holiday with your neighbors, friends, and families. We will rest assured that you will be back at work soon advancing the interests and well-being of everyday Americans. And you can be sure that NAIFA is working for you, providing a voice for our industry and the support and advocacy crucial to your success.

Best regards,

Kevin M. Mayeux, CAE
Chief Executive Officer