The Devastating Impact of Harvey

Dear NAIFA members,

The thoughts and prayers of the entire NAIFA family are with our friends and colleagues affected by hurricane Harvey. The storm hit the Texas Gulf Coast late Friday bringing with it widespread destruction and flooding. Many areas have experienced more than two feet of rain, which continues across the area and is not expected to let up for several days. A number of people have died, and early estimates put property losses in the tens of billions of dollars.

In the aftermath of natural disasters such as Harvey, people turn to their insurance advisors to help with the recovery. NAIFA members will be out assessing damages, helping with claims, and providing guidance to clients who have suffered devastating losses. At the same time, many advisors will be dealing with losses of their own, including flooded homes and businesses, as well as displaced friends, family, and employees.

The coming weeks and months will be difficult for those affected by Harvey, but we are thankful that NAIFA members and other insurance professionals will help with the recovery.

A number of local charities are accepting contributions from anyone wishing to donate to recovery efforts:

Best regards,
Kevin Mayeux