May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month!

In a few days, we will be taking part in Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), the marketing campaign Life Happens created and coordinates each year to spread the word about DI insurance and its role in protecting the financial assets of American consumers. Use this campaign to talk to your clients about the importance of DI insurance and help them get the coverage they need.

To start you on your way, Life Happens has developed a wide array of DI insurance resources that that you can use now, as well as during and after DIAM. They include:

  • Two dozen new graphics for social media and other outreach based on the organization’s new research study
  • A calendar of prewritten social-media posts for May, or even starting now i
  • New DI flyers that reach four demographics
  • A new version of the organization’s most popular DI Real Life Stories featuring Michael Sizemore
  • New email templates featuring DI statistics and a Call to Action
  • Also available are the popular Real Life Stories, in video and in flyer forms. These feature DI stories that cover the range–from medical professionals who benefited from it to a father/entrepreneur who needed his coverage after a texting and driving accident.

Don’t delay. Visit today and start accessing the resources you need to protect your clients’ financial assets.