NAIFA Launches New Learning Center to Boost Advisor Productivity

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) has launched the NAIFA Learning Center, a virtual, on-demand video-based platform that builds financial advisors’ confidence by enhancing their knowledge of financial products and clarifying the habits and skills they need to build meaningful client relationships.

The Center offers hundreds of engaging, high-impact videos along with participant guides and worksheets, and more than 1,000 downloadable educational-concept pages. Components to the Center are intended to improve the learning experience of all advisors, no matter how long they have been in the business.

“The NAIFA Learning Center is a critical part of the NAIFA 20/20 Strategic Plan, which calls for NAIFA to deliver critical training and professional support to members in all specialties,” notes NAIFA CEO, Kevin Mayeux, CAE. “The Center’s curriculum focuses on the key componenets of a producer’s practice, which, because of the time restrictions most advisors face, could be the missing link to reaching their full potential. The Center will ensure consistent growth that leads to higher levels of productivity.”

The curriculum is divided into four disciplines:

Cornerstones of Financial Services: Focuses on understanding the systems, processes and techniques needed to initially build and grow a successful practice in today’s financial-services world. It also clarifies the habits and skills a business owner needs to use to build meaningful client relationships.

Foundations of Financial Services: Provides the conceptual understanding and foundational knowledge of the products, services and systems today’s consumers own, want or need. Foundations will build one’s confidence in their knowledge and remove any fear of engaging prospects and asking deeper questions. A key benefit of this discipline is the ability to take one’s fact-finding skills to a new level by making it more engaging and interactive.

Fundamentals of Financial Services: Provides the groundwork for understanding key marketplaces in the financial services industry. These are Estate Related Planning Strategies; Understanding the Business Owner’s Needs, Opportunities, and Challenges; and Retirement Planning Strategies. This session also offers courses such as Understanding the Challenges of Widowhood, Planning for Special Needs Children, Understanding the Financial Impact of Divorce and College Planning.

Basics of Investing: This area is designed to help registered representatives understand the world of investing. Its purpose is to supplement the product training provided by wholesalers by translating licensing coursework into a real-world ability to understand the concepts, terminology and fundamentals of investment strategies, products, and programs.

The NAIFA Center’s virtual, on-demand platform allows users 24/7 access 365 days a year. It can play on any computer, Smartphone, Tablet, or even on an X-Box, as long as it has access to the Internet. On average, sessions are rewritten and re-filmed every 24 months, which keeps the platform up-to-date on industry and financial developments. Video sessions average just over eight and a half minutes, and each session has a worksheet and a participant guide for further examination. Additionally, there are hundreds of concept-learning pages that help present a clear understanding of the content being featured.

Access to the Center is by subscription only. Monthly subscription is $49 for the Building Gold Blocks subscription and yearly subscription is $510 for access to all courses. There also is a one-time charge of $33 for unlimited access for 30 days to each of the following courses: Just Life—Life Events Resulting in Need for Life Insurance, Opportunities in Mentoring, and Overview of Social Security. For more information, visit

The Center is brought to NAIFA members in partnership with the Financial Services Education Network (FSEdNet), a multimedia content and production company for financial professionals.

“NAIFA is excited to partner with FSEdNet to create the NAIFA Learning Center,” Mayeux said. “We value the breadth and depth of educational content relevant for all practice specialties and the ease of access on multiple devices to the online video content.”

About NAIFA: Founded in 1890 as The National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU), NAIFA is the oldest, largest and most prestigious association representing the interests of insurance professionals from every Congressional district in the United States. Our mission – to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of its members – is the reason NAIFA has consistently and resoundingly stood up for agents and called upon members to grow their knowledge while following the highest ethical standards in the industry.

About FSEdNet: The Financial Services Education Network is a virtual, multimedia, content and production company designed to serve all types of financial professionals in the financial services industry, regardless of levels of experience or product line. Its purpose is to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills required for management, producers and employees alike. FSEdNet’s goal is to make complex subject matter simple to understand and easy to explain to others in layman’s terms. Its mission is to be a resource of understanding in serving clients, partnerships the industry as well as today’s consumers.