Approaching Prospects

The word, “keywords” is “digital marketing speak” for a group of words that online users use when performing searches for a wide range of goods and services. These keywords have a higher value than other words and usually point to the information the online user is looking for. In the same vein, many financial advisors know that certain words convey a lot of value to a prospect.

Let’s analyze the following sentences to see how they convey value to prospects and clients:

“I’m an officer at XYZ Corporation. I work with a small group of successful business owners and families who live in the Nashville area.”

  • I’m an officer…. If you work for a financial-services firm, it’s common for you to have the title of assistant vice president or vice president. These are “officer” titles. The military has officers and banks and corporations have officers as well. We were taught to respect the police and address them as “officers.” As a result, the word “officer” tends to convey respect to most individuals.
  • At XYZ Company… By mentioning your company’s name, you are aligning yourself with that company and its reputation.
  • I work with a small group of… The word “small” implies exclusivity. Not everyone is qualified to become your client; so, the prospect is pleased to know that you have chosen to do business with him.
  • Successful… In the financial-services industry, we often use words like “wealthy” and “high-net-worth” to describe clients who are financially well-off. But the word “successful” is more inclusive because most people think they are successful at something and will identify with the types of clients you are working with if you describe them as successful.
  • Business owners. Most people know a lot of the wealth in their town is in the hands of established business owners. When you use the words, “business owners,” the listener assumes that you provide more than one product or service to successful business owners.
  • And families… The prospect you are talking to knows that many businesses are family owned and tend to pass from one generation to the other. Family values also come to mind. It’s assumed that you share the same family values with these business owners, establishing a bond between you and the listener.
  • In the Nashville area… Clients who are thinking of buying the products and services you offer are often involved in their local communities and would like to do business with someone who is local, as well. By saying that you work with businesses and families in the area, you are communicating the fact that that you live and work in that area, as well. Your prospect figures out that the money he will spend with you will benefit other firms in the local community when you patronize businesses like restaurants, hardware stores and barber shops.
  • The words we have just reviewed communicate far more than you think. They send the correct message to your prospects about you and your services and increase the chances they might become your clients. Although you might not be an officer and you might work with individuals, they can be modified to tell your own story.
  • Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. He provides HNW client acquisition training for the financial services industry. His book, “Captivating the Wealthy Investor” can be found on Amazon