Use Braindate to Customize Your NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference Experience

Use Braindate to Customize Your NAIFA Performance + Purpose Experience!

With more than 1,000 of your peers participating in NAIFA Performance + Purpose in San Antonio in September, you know there are people you want to meet, people you want to learn from, and people who want to learn from you. But how do you find them? The answer is Braindate.

Some of you may be asking what Braindate is. A Braindate is a one-on-one or group knowledge-sharing conversation you book with one or more of your peers at NAIFA P+P. It is your chance to meet with people with whom you share an interest. In short, NAIFA Braindate is a matchmaking app for your professional development and enhancement.

Participants like you post profiles with knowledge topics, which are experiences and information you have to share, and questions and ideas you want to explore. Then, you and the other participants can search the topics, make connections, and schedule in-person meetings to take place in the Braindate Lounge at the P+P Conference, right there in San Antonio.

Scheduling a Braindate

So how do you set up a Braindate? It is quite simple. Two or three weeks before Performance + Purpose 2018, every registrant will receive an invitation to join Braindate. You will create a personal P+P Braindate profile, search and browse other profiles to find people with shared interests, and schedule face-to-face meetings in the Braindate lounge. In short, NAIFA Braindate is your personal networking matchmaker.

Click here for more information on Braindate and to register for the P+ P Conference.

Tara Laptew is Marketing & Program Manager-Professional Development & Education, NAIFA. Contact her at