NAIFA to Launch Center to Meet the Changing Needs of a Maturing Population

By Carroll Golden

NAIFA will soon launch the Limited and Extended Care Planning Center, an online center that will empower industry stakeholders to successfully address the changing needs of consumers who need limited, extended or long-term care. Scheduled to make its debut this fall, the LEC Planning Center will offer a vehicle that leverages the power of a single voice for the industry, with each voice given the opportunity to be heard. 

Innovation is increasingly becoming the order of the day as players in the limited, extended and long-term care industries seek to become more relevant to their distributors and clients by focusing on ways to connect, grow, and learn from the best in the business. Agents and advisors are also upping their game by pursuing industry designations and certifications aimed at enhancing their knowledge and giving them the skill sets they need to better serve their clients. The LEC Planning Center will provide a platform where all of these professionals can come together to network, communicate, and share critical insights that lead to professional success.

Contact Carroll Golden at if you are interested in participating in the LEC Center. It is a great opportunity for you to collaborate on meaningful solutions that truly help your clients.