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80% of small business owners use their cell phone at least once a day for work.* They know they can’t afford to miss out on important calls.

Help ensure your customers can always reach you with a business-class communication system integrated into your smart phones.

AT&T CollaborateSM – Enhanced Mobile equips businesses with the tools to help keep the right people connected at the right times – helping meet the needs of their customers at every turn. It blends wireline and wireless networks to make life a little easier for not only the employee, but for the customer too.

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AT&T Business Unlimited Enhanced with Private Wi-Fi features:

  • Unlimited data, talk & text on up to 10 eligible devices – no overage charges
  • Up to 4G LTE speeds1
  • Unlimited talk & text to Canada and Mexico2
  • No roaming charges in Canada and Mexico
  • 20GB Mobile Hotspot3
  • High-Definition Video4
  • Includes AT&T Collaborate – Enhanced Mobile
  • NEW! Includes Private Wi-Fi

* Manta, SMB Wellness Index, 2015
1After 75GB of data usage on AT&T Business Unlimited Enhanced with Private Wi-Fi, AT&T may slow speeds.
2Pay-per-use rates apply to calls made to other countries.
3After 20GB, hotspot speed limited to max of 128Kbps.
4Includes Stream Saver. Stream video in HD quality, when available, with Stream Saver turned off.
5Only available in domestic United States and for smartphones.
Available for each eligible line on your plan equipped with a Voice over LTE (VoLTE) device while on the AT&T VoLTE network. See for details. Your bill will show a charge for Enhanced Mobile of $14.95, along with a credit in the same amount for a net cost of $0. If you switch a line from AT&T Business Unlimited Enhanced plan to another post-paid plan you will continue to have Enhanced Mobile on that line and be charged $14.95 per month, with no credit, until canceled. Contact AT&T