The Power o Storytelling

During NAIFA’s Performance + Purpose Conference currently under way in Orlando, attendees got a rare opportunity to hear from Scott Mann,  retired Green Beret, warrior storyteller and leadership expert twice–once  during the General Session and then at the LILI 7 Presentation.

Mann teaches corporate leaders and their teams the relationship building techniques that drive many of his successful combat operations.

After leaving the military, Mann went through a transition period during which he dealt with a lot of stress and confusion, which led thim to think about committing suicide. But he did not and pressed on. Instead, he used the power of storytelling to heal himself.” You  can use it with your clients, team members, prospects and others,”

These stories, he added, are also known has hero stories and everyone needs them.

Mann then gave the audience an opportunity to tell their own stories and gave them 2 parts they should incorporate in their efforts:

  1. The development of the story
  2. The telling of the story.

 As they carry out t his exercise, they should try to write a story that has a defining moment in their lives. They should describe the struggle or journey and they must be relatable. They should also  demonstrate how they changed and what they learned from their struggles.


After the exercise, Mann reiterated the fact that all human beings are hardwired to engage in story telling, which he describes  as the transfer of imager from one human being to the other. They should lead their presentations with stories, because,” you have earned your stripes to help other people,” he said.