NAIFA Member Gregory Gagne Is This Year’s Nominee to the MDRT Exec Committee!

Long-time NAIFA member and volunteer Gregory B. Gagne, ChFC, is the 2020 nominee to the MDRT Executive Committee. He will assume the position of Secretary September 1 and will become president in 2024. Gagne is a 20-year MDRT member, with four Court of the Table and 11 Top of the Table qualifications.

Gagne joined the financial-services industry in 1992 and is a founder of Affinity Investment Group in Exeter, New Hampshire. The company provides wealth management and distribution-planning services to retirees or those planning to retire.

Gagne’s involvement in NAIFA is extensive. He is a past president of the New Hampshire chapter of NAIFA and was awarded the NAIFA New Hampshire Distinguished Financial Advisor Award in 2008.

He has garnered national exposure in professional trade magazines on practice management and planning issues. He has written several articles for Advisor Today and is a past recipient of the magazine’s Four Under Forty Award. He has also co-authored several books on estate and financial planning.