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LTCI Is Sold, Not Bought

When it comes to long-term-care insurance, thinking outside the box and adopting a less conventional selling system will result in increased sales. The saying "telling is not selling" is particularly true in our business, and producers will often learn this lesson the hard way when emailing a quote, sending out a product brochure or supply a premium price over the phone. LTCI needs an explanation of all its moving parts—therefore, it needs to be agent-delivered.

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The True Path to Sales Success

Closing a sale requires that you focus not on your prospect’s needs, problems or pain, but on what he wants. Whether it’s prospecting or closing the sale, sales trainers tell us that we must be prepared to overcome objections.

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Why Some Sales Strategies Don’t Work

Find out why they create problems—and how to fix them. Have you gone to one of those big bookstores and looked at all the books promising a solution to your challenges as a salesperson? If you have, then you know that they all provide essentially the same strategies.

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