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The ideal story gives readers an idea or technique they can immediately implement in their businesses. Stories should spell out the strategies and methods that work best for the author, rather than give a general description of them. Writers are encouraged to use several examples and case histories when writing sales stories. See our Editorial Calendar for 2015.

When accepting an article for publication, the editors of Advisor Today reserve the right to edit the text as necessary. These edits could include substantial changes to clarify the story, improve the writing, trim the length or ensure that an article meets our stylistic guidelines. Writers will be asked to sign a copyright agreement.

Submission guidelines

  • Stories must be typed, double-spaced with standard margins.
  • Submit original work. You will be asked to sign a release stating the article has not appeared elsewhere.
  • Advisor Today columns and Practice Specialty articles must be 650-700 words. Cover articles must be no more than 2,300 words, and Feature articles, no more than 1,000 words.
  • Stories must not promote an individual service or company.
  • All facts in a story must be double-checked by the author.
  • Writers should not submit photographs.
  • Writers can submit illustrations or charts, but the material will not be returned.
  • Stories submitted to Advisor Today will automatically be considered for publication on and may be posted on the website without appearing in the magazine.
  • Every story should be accompanied by a biography of the author of approximately 35 words. It may be edited for length and content.
  • Advisor Today will not return unsolicited manuscripts.

Article Format

  • We prefer email submissions in Microsoft Word format. For other formats and submission methods, please query first.
  • For all articles and queries, contact Ayo Mseka.

Web submissions

Web articles should cover the same subject matter covered in the magazine. The articles can be between 300 and 800 words and should be submitted to Ayo Mseka. Articles that have been published elsewhere are accepted. Please indicate where a story has been previously published.